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Wellness: What is it?

Wellness: What is it?

by: Dr. Ogi Ressel

I am sure you have come across this word, but do not necessarily understand what it means. Let me state emphatically that you are not alone. Most people really have no idea what Wellness is all about.

Most people’s concept of health includes getting up in the morning, looking down at their toes and seeing them wiggling. If they can take a step forward and don’t feel bad doing so, then in fact they feel they are healthy – all parts working. They can now forge ahead and conquer the world. That is not health and it is not Wellness. Wellness is not about how you feel – it is all about how your body is functioning and maximizing that expression!

Wellness means taking responsibility for your health and your destiny. This new movement has spawned a new industry, which includes natural health products, herbs, remedies, spas, fitness centers, etc. All of these methods are presently being used in increasing quantities to capture this elusive thing called health.

There has been a drastic shift, or paradigm, in peoples’ thinking. Not long ago, you entrusted your health to physicians who, you assumed, would do their best to heal you, the patient. This included, in the vast majority of cases, a prescription for medication that would then alleviate your discomfort and/or your symptoms. This school of thought led to the emergence and proliferation of the pharmaceutical industry. The public began to feel, and be taught, that the suppression of symptoms equaled good health. In other words, the public has been taught that when you no longer feel bad, then you must be healthy. Right? Wrong! This is dangerous thinking. It is an attitude that has created the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.

This present concept of health care rests on the idea of profiting from your illness and your symptoms. It has nothing to do with health care and has everything to do with profit. I realize that some of you may be quite disturbed by this line of thinking – allow me to explain: This present concept of health has also generated the idea of arriving at a correct diagnosis for which to prescribe a drug, or a series of drugs to deal with an illness. As a society, we have become obsessed with the idea of treating disease instead of regaining health. We have become a nation on medication.

And that is not OK! You may not have thought of this but the pharmaceutical industry has been a leader in defining the role Medicine plays in your health. Physicians have been indoctrinated to believe that the more pharmaceutical agents and drugs they use, the healthier the population will become.
As a matter of fact, you may be shocked to learn that doctors receive perks and free gifts such as trips, theatre tickets, cruises, dinners, etc., based on the quantity of drugs they prescribe from certain manufacturers. “Better health through better chemistry” has become a motto of Today. Drugs manifesting health - nothing could be further from the truth.

This thinking has been supported wholeheartedly by the medical associations of both Canada and the United States to the point where free and clear thinking by certain physicians has been thought of as heresy to the general “party line” and some doctors have been persecuted if they differ in their thinking – much like a steam roller!

Dr. Terry Rondberg, President of the World Chiropractic Alliance once said, “As more and more people become aware of the failure of medicine to help them with their health problems, they are turning more and more to herbs and natural remedies to relieve their symptoms and combat their illnesses. In this manner, people are eliminating the dangerous side effects of drugs, but haven’t really changed their way of thinking about health.”
We have been taught since we were children to think of instant health care. This essentially translates into “feeling better.” The old “take-a-pill-and-make-it-better” mentality is the biggest health care problem we face in North America.

Many people feel that as long as they take some sort of a potion or natural remedy that stops their nose running, they are healthy. They believe that if gulping down laxatives keeps them regular, they are improving the condition of their body.
And the public thinks that since these remedies are “natural”, they must be good for them. This is absolutely insane thinking. The basic idea, you see, is still the same. We are searching for a natural cure
for our symptoms rather than dealing with the fact that they are present in the first place. As a population, we need to stop thinking in terms of treating illness and start thinking in terms of creating health and Wellness.

Health (not just the absence of symptoms) is something that we create from the inside of our body. It is not something we can achieve from taking a pill, an herb, or having the latest and newest surgical procedure. If we want to achieve health for ourselves and our children, our goal needs to be: Make certain that our bodies are functioning the way they were meant to, normally, with nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, interfering with that process. That is the key.

Many people don’t realize that health is more than just the period between illnesses. It is also not the absence of symptoms. In other words, just because you feel OK, doesn’t mean you are healthy. It just means you feel OK and have no symptoms. That’s all it means. It does not imply your body is working any better.

is judged, for example, by how your body is able to adapt to its own internal and external environment. If your body is exposed to some kind of germ or virus, for instance, and if it is working normally, it should be able to neutralize the affects of that bug, without you even being aware that this is taking place. This is called health.
If your body cannot adapt to such a situation, and handle it on its own, you may begin to get sick. The most amazing thing is that when your body is no longer able to handle such a situation, it will actually “talk” to you in a language you can easily understand and listen to - symptoms.

You see, to me health is like a candle that is lit when you are born and burns brightly throughout life. At the end, it flickers once, goes out, and that is it. And you’ve live a life of your dreams. However, I have found in my practice that most people do not present with such an idealistic picture. In the vast majority of cases, this is what I would see: The candle is lit brightly at birth, it then has an ear infection, pneumonia, strep throat, tonsillitis, blows out a kidney here, has a heart attack there, liver failure, kidney stones, gall bladder, etc. Often it has to be rekindled and restarted. That’s not health. That is merely getting by with as few symptoms and problems as one can possibly avoid.

The standard medical approach has always been to prescribe antibiotics, pain remedies and all sorts of drugs to do the job your body was designed and programmed to do on its own. And most people do not realize and understand that those drugs do nothing to help your body regain its ability to perform its functions in the future. In fact, relying on these drugs will actually hinder your body’s recovery. (Not to mention all the

side effects that are associated with taking them.) There is no pill, potion or lotion on the face of this planet, which can possibly oversee the power of your own body to achieve Health
! People do not realize that our normal state is to be healthy. Our aim then, as parents, should be to allow our children’s bodies’ and our own, to function with absolutely nothing interfering with that process.

That’s health. It’s that simple!
….And that is what Chiropractic is all about!

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Greetings to the health warriors of MCW!!!! After stuffing your guts with turkey I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving holiday!
Next, its time to gear up for the Christmas holiday! please read to the end.....


NOW is the PERFECT time to start planning how you could become healthier in this upcoming new year!

Because I am as concerned about your health as you are. I am offering effective professionally designed weight loss and 'metabolic biotransformation' programs along with your chiropractic care! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to add life to your years at a reasonable and much needed accelerated pace! With No guessing involved!!!

This 21 day purification program works by improving the function of your bodies 2 most important elimination systems (liver & bowl) and your body metabolism. Nothing else you can do will do as much good until your elimination & detox systems have been set back online. Out of the hundreds of options I have researched personally this purification program is the quickest, easiest and the most effective way I have found professionally to begin to handle most modern health concerns at the root of their cause while building good healthy habits at the same time. This program, together with me, Dr. Daniel, as your health coach and chiropractor you are finally able to start your new healthier life today with less worries or hassles!!!

If you desire a more healthy lifestyle and you are still reading this then you may be closer than you think! This program is an excellent way to hit the ground running happily to enjoy a healthy lifestyle! Those who begin chiropractic care and this wellness lifestyle program often say they experience some or all of the following:

* Better hair, skin and nails!
* Clear thoughts!
* Increased libido!
* Better digestion!
* Better sleep!
* Healthy habits for life.
* Weight Loss.
* No more Migraine Headaches.
* Less Body Pain in AM.

If you find yourself in one or all of the following 3 categories you may want to strongly consider taking advantage of this program:

1. If you consume fast foods regularly or within a 1 month time span and/or are overweight.
2. If most of your grocery shopping is man made processed food and/or your life stresses continue to build up and are causing you physical pain.
3. If your sleep and/or digestion is off and you just don't feel at your best as you would like.
4. Extended periods of time on any prescribed and/or OTC drug(s).

How do we do it?

1. Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a 5min test to determine how effective your body can adapt to stress. Your bodies ability to process stress is proportional to your bodies ability to heal. (as needed.)
2. Symptom survey, to help pinpoint what areas of the body are most stressed and what path of action would best help you to improve the priority of systems involved. (understand protocols don't heal people, physiology does.)
3. Nutritional Supplements made from whole foods, to give the body the specific core nutritional support it needs to make up for the years of poor nutrition in a standard American diet (S.A.D.) and a life time of toxins. (see 'our friend the liver' below for more info.)
4. Chiropractic Adjustments keep the bodies central neural system free of interference and as relaxed as possible. FACT: The over stressed body cannot heal properly, EVER! Adjustments are able to 'hold' for longer periods and the spine will often stabilize quicker after purification of personal lifestyle & specific nutrition programs are followed.
5. Alot of patience and love included to get you through and succeed!

If You Qualify for this program, in my experience, nothing else will help you as efficiently if you want to begin to gain control of your health!
Find out if you qualify.
cell: 716.352.6269.

After your metabolism channels have begun to improve and you continue to get your spine checked regularly for subluxations then there will be advanced wellness lifestyle programs available to continue support for your specific individual health priority. Also, in time you should be taking stress off of the endocrine, digestive &/or circulatory system problems that may trouble you. This often subtle stress is handled with regular chiropractic adjustments, proper nutritional guidance and support.. STOP guessing with potions and magic pill crap shoots...start the next moment right and let me show you how!

(give the gift of health to a loved one, MCW gift certificates are available for you.)


-- OUR FRIEND THE LIVER. (no, really!)
The liver is one of the most important and effective organs of elimination that the body employs. The bodies ability to heal and regenerate is largely due to proper liver function. Within the liver are 2 phases of detoxification that are functioning when the liver is healthy. When these 2 phases become over whelmed it begins to overflow the system with toxic elements.. This overload of toxic elements will become stored as fat cells in the body to best protect the body from the toxic overload. When the liver is cleaned out and functioning properly it can then burn excessive fat and remove excessive toxins from the body. A proper functioning liver is also essential with providing you a healthy metabolism ability that will improve the body oxygen uptake capacity. The body oxygen uptake capacity effects the bodies ability to remove harmful antioxidants. In essence a healthy liver can improve your breath capacity and the elimination phase of digestion. These are 2 of the most important functions of the body when it comes to cleaning out the bad stuff on a daily bases. It is also important to know that before you even get any symptoms to alert you of a problem there already has to be 80-90% loss of liver function! Those are odds you shouldn't be willing to wait for.

Getting a toxic liver and body happens like a clumsy dance over years of unaware abuses through improper foods, over eating, stressful lifestyles (without chiropractic adjustments), emotional toxins, environmental toxins, food toxins, toxic cleaning materials, lack of exercise, over consumption of pain medications (both prescription and OTC) etc. etc.


2. THE STORAGE OF GLUCOSE (GLYCOGEN) needed for energy. (why you might be tired in the middle of the day?)
7. etc. etc. etc.

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MCW Newsletter 10/16/09.. pain, vaccines & looove!

"What is pain & why do I feel it?',.... 'sumthin about vaccines',,, ,&......"The love you make...;

What is pain & why do I feel it?

To understand pain it is important to first understand how it starts and from where. To get to the root of it first we must look at the bodies ability to feel pain. Pain is felt in our body when a compromise of our structure begins to effect a function. The body feels pain at all cost to keep it from falling over or shutting down. That is why in moments of extreme pain we often feel like our bodies are shutting down. To put this into perspective it is important to know that there are 4 types of nerve fibers that the body uses to perceive all of its sensations. Fiber types 1-3 are what gives our bodies the ability to be adaptable. Fiber Types 1-3 are also able to shut themselves off when necessary. However, Fiber type 4 is not as ready to adapt as fiber types 1-3.


These type 4 fibers are known as 'pain fibers'. They will always continue to fire until something is done to change the cause of the painful condition. Pain is the bodies way to warn you of a malfunction. Drugs and surgeries are good at masking these important signals but they do not ultimately prevent further damage to the bodies natural God given integrity to heal itself.
Type 4 nerve fibers are located in joint capsules, muscles & tendons. (That pretty much means that they are all over the place!!)

If a joint capsule is not lined up properly it forces the type 4 fibers to tell the body to get back into alignment. These fibers often communicate this misalignment through pain. Just try to bend your wrist back (dont break it though) and see how many pain fibers you can fire by stressing out the wrist joints. When you bring the wrist joints back into alignment then the pain reduces automatically. Restricted joint motion increases the firing of type 4 pain fibers in the body.


The central neural system is housed by the skull and vertebrate. The are 24 vertebrate each with its own set of joint capsules, spinal nerves and FIBER TYPE 4 (pain fibers). These spinal nerves are connected to all body structures & functions. Most of the signals from these body structures and functions are sent back to the brain to process. When a joint is misaligned in the spinal column it decreases body potential. The decrease in body potential is felt as pain and can later be expressed through malfunction anywhere in the body if not handled correctly. Body malfunction may also occur without prior notice of pain.


Chiropractic adjustments are given to decrease the fiber type 4 input. This will result in less pain, stronger structure and increased function by keeping the body in a more relaxed state. It then gives the body a fighting chance when it comes to healing itself. There is no oportunity to heal when using a drug or injection because even though the pain or the symptom may be masked the stress reflex still exists and will continue to cause more problems in the body if not addressed directly.

Dr.'s update from the health front:

I keep hearing more and more from people coming out of hospitals that they where told nobody knew what was wrong with them. However, given a litany of complex symptoms to take home they still had a laundry list of meds to passify the 'unknown cause'. And the ridiculous prognosis of 'You will have to be on these the rest of your life!'. I would see this advice as unacceptable if it where given to me. To seek a second opinion would be first on my agenda. Chasing symptoms will only perpetuate more symptoms. We will never heal by chasing what is actually harming us.

"By supporting the strength of what is right in the body instead of chasing what is wrong with the body is where true healing begins." -in8

sumthin' about vaccines

Is there a 'much ado about nothing' these days concerning the pending H1N1 vaccination? So many things and so much info floating around and you may be wondering where to weigh in on the subject. I will be posting a report on my site soon with a more factual look at the who,what, where, why, and when in order to give you the truth around the ideas being flung at us through the media. I have researched into this vaccine issue with great depth. Without bias & while speaking too and learning first hand from top lawyers, scientists, medical doctors and vaccine specialists from around the world, I was taken by suprise at what I found!.

Here is FYI to get you thinkin:

"All seasonal flu vaccines are classified by FDA as CATEGORY C, as are all swine flu vaccines. CATEGORY C means either studies in animals have revealed adverse effects on the fetus and there are no controlled studies in women, OR studies in women and animales are not available."

In other words...the vaccines are harmful OR they dont know if they are or not! Yet they will not hesitate to inject the population with them? What do you think about this? Stay tuned....



i wish you the best of health and happiness always.....

MCW newsletter 9/30/09

IN THIS LETTER: 1.) practice member update,..... 2.) when to get adjusted, ..... 3.) Feel Good & lose weight



Gearing up for the 4th international conference on vaccines, and not a moment to soon either!

As the climate around the vaccination issue in America grows hotter every day it leaves many of us wondering where we stand in all this crazyness!? What information is good and what information is not so good? What are our rights? And do we have a choice? These are the questions that are going to be addressed at this convention that will be packed full of vaccine researchers, watchdogs and whistle blowers. Full of expert doctors, researchers, lawmakers and parents from all over the world who have been effected in many different ways. If you would like my daily email updates with suprizes, briefings and commentaries from this conference send a request to and i will send you the updates...although, if you are receiving this email you are probably already on this list. Or.. send an email back & just opt out if you would not like to receive these updates and I will removed you from this list.

There is alot of new info coming down the line! ;0)

Here is the schedule I will be attending for the conference:




A Chiropractor has long been thought of as the place to go when the back is in pain and daily function has become impaired. While it needs to be said that there is nothing more effective for back pain than getting adjusted, it is only the tip of the ice berg to what an adjustment can ultimately provide! When the spine is adjusted it becomes more at ease. This is because the adjustment takes the pressure off the central nervous system (brain & spinal cord) by removing spinal subluxations. Adjustments create more relaxation at the core of your being. Healing CANNOT take place in a stressed out body! Here is why:

A stressed out body releases a horomone called cortisol that inhibits the release of Growth horomone. Growth horomone (GH) is what the body requires to heal itself!! GH is released only at night while you sleep, optimally between 10pm and 2am & only if delta wave sleep is reached. Delta wave cannot be reached if the body is stuck in pain, releasing more amounts of cortisol. etc etc

Now, I hope you can see how stress can add up and build up into larger problems over time.

The misunderstood part is that STRESS can also be more subtle than you might think! Especially in the spine! Over time the core STRESS builds up creating a cascade of ill effects called symptoms. These symptoms are all put into groups to name things we know as pathologies or diseases. These pathologies and dx's are only treat-able with drugs or surgery?.... UNLESS, you get a second opinion!
And here it is....!

The pain in your body is from built up stress. Daily activities of all kinds cause the vertebral subluxations that cause nerve flow interference. Nerve flow interference creates pent up stress. When you get adjusted you release this pent up stress. Sometime in great amounts..other times in small amounts...but each adjustment IS a release!

So, if I where to be asked the question "WHEN DO I GET ADJUSTED?" while one is looking for a specific situation to occur for an adjustment to be appropriate. I would answer like this:

"There is no appropriate situation as much as there is an appropriate time to get adjusted.This is because the adjustment is not a situation, An adjustment is more accurately considered a timing,.. a perfect timing... and the only answer to the question "WHEN..." is "NOW"! Makes sense doesn't it.


OK, I have already typed enough for this letter. SO I'll keep this one AS brief AS i can.
If you want to learn how to loose weight to keep it off &/or just live to feel better I am offering you this opportunity to contact me soon and begin living a healthier lifestyle through chiropractic wellness.

You will see why this is such an AWSOME tool to have working for you!

Stay tuned for more letters.

This is my sincere call to action for you. Your health is not something that you should let pass by unnoticed. It begins from the inside. 352-6269 (only sincere inquiries please)


NEXT ISSUE: "What is pain & why do I feel it?',.... 'sumthin about vaccines',,, ,&......"The love you make...;